Hop Step Jump System Sampler – 3 Bars Per Case


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We are stand by our product 100% and we are confident you will bee back! Try all three bars from our system. Shipping is on us.

Recommended from the creator, Chef Shashank, of the Hop Step Jump Energy Bar System

“I created the Bars as a System to Promote Energy and Fuel for the Body to last throughout the day as we peak and valley in our daily activities.”

The Hop Bar with Bee Pollen which is a Super Food, was designed to Supply energy to start the day, pre work out, mid morning snack or a morning pick me up. Or whenever you feel you need a “Hop” in your day

The Step Bar was formulated with the special added ingredient, Beet Powder, also a Super Food. Beet Powder helps Sustain energy level during long workouts, long work days, mid day snack to help sustain your energy when you need it most.

The Jump Bar was developed with Pea Protein. This special ingredient was selected to Refuel energy to your body. Pea Protein is an excellent source of Arginine, an amino acid the body needs to build muscle and also needed in times of stress or illness. The Jump Bar is great for a post workout boost, or late afternoon pre-dinner, low calorie snack.

Enjoy these Bars as an energy system that was created by Chef Shashank or anyway your body dictates that is best for YOU. Try them as a System or pick your favorite bar and eat as you see FIT!

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