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Fascinating Facts About Bees and Honey

Most of us prefer to stay far, far away from bees, but we do have to give credit where credit is due. Were it not for them, we’d be without one of the most delicious and important substances on the planet. As major supporters of honeybees and with honey comprising one of the many healthy ingredients in our energy bars, we thought we’d share some interesting facts.

For starters, did you know that honey is the only food that includes all of the substances needed to sustain life? Vitamins, minerals, water, enzymes, all of these are found in honey. It also includes an antioxidant called pinocembrin, known for improving brain function.

To give you an idea of just how hard bees work to create honey for us, most beehives will create about 30 to 100 pounds of honey each year. Even more astonishing, bees need to collect nectar from more than 1.5 million flowers and fly over 50,000 miles just to create a single pound of honey! Talk about being dedicated to what they do.

Honey is also environmentally friendly and crucial. Bees are responsible for pollinating over $15 billion work of crops in the United States alone each year. About a third of all the food consumed by Americans is derived directly or indirectly by the honey bee pollination.

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