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Supplement Review Pal Gives Us Five Stars

Are you familiar with Supplement Review Pal? The website run by fitness and health expert Glenn Reschke focuses on helping people by providing unbiased and comprehensive supplement reviews so consumers can make informed purchases.

Supplement Review Pal recently reviewed our Hop Step Jump Energy Bars and we’re extremely happy and proud to report that they received five out of five stars! Reschke speaks favorably about the bars, saying he “felt a good, tangible energy stream” before and after his workouts and how “the fiber and energy these bars give is something that I really like.” Reschke ends his review by calling Hop Step Jump Energy Bars “one of the best nutrition bars on the market today.”

If you’re just becoming acquainted with us, Hop Step Jump Energy consists of a trio of non-GMO bars designed to supply, sustain, and refuel your workouts using superfoods like bee pollen, chia seeds, and all-natural ingredients. Visit our shop page to order yours today or try them out free for thirty days with our Bee-Fit Trial!

Make sure to read the full, extensive Review of the Hop Step Jump Energy Nutrition Bars on Supplement Review Pal!

This update is brought to you by Hop Step Jump health energy bars. Our non-GMO all natural energy bars are gluten-free and use the finest ingredients including bee pollen, chia seeds, whey protein, maca powder and more. For more information call 954-818-9641 or visit us at