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CNN Recommends Coconut Sugar

Per a recent survey released by Consumer Reports, over seventy percent of shoppers are looking for foods that have labels with the word “natural” on them, leading to a decrease in artificial sweeteners and a rise in healthier alternatives.

CNN recently published an article discussing natural sugar alternatives, and they mentioned coconut sugar as one of the suggestions. As opposed to regular table sugar, coconut sugar comes from coconut palms and it also manages to throw in several healthy nutrients in small quantities. Phosphorus, magnesium, iron, potassium, antioxidants, it’s quite impressive. Coconut sugar also has a sweetener called inulin which, unlike artificial sweeteners, occurs naturally and provides several benefits for gut bacteria.

For active types that prefer to experience a natural high versus those sugar “rushes” that leave you feeling lousy when it’s over, coconut sugar is fantastic alternative thanks to its low glycemic impact.

Here is some additional good news about coconut sugar: it is environmentally friendly! It takes very little water and fuel to grow a coconut tree, and the trees can produce enough sap for up to four decades!

All of these benefits are among the many reasons why we chose coconut sugar for our Hop Step Jump Energy Bars and why we continue to focus on creating healthy, great tasting bars that use natural ingredients.

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