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Selenium Makes a Huge Impact in Small Doses

When searching or shopping for the best foods to consume, it’s generally healthier to go with the all natural option versus the one with artificial flavors, right? When it comes to the mineral selenium, it doesn’t get much more natural as it’s typically found in soil. Although it’s found in many foods, many people do not have enough selenium in their system.

The good news is the body only requires a tiny bit of selenium every day, and it’s important not to overdo it. Thankfully, the selenium that naturally occurs in foods typically provides just the right amount the body needs without going overboard or “overdosing”.

Selenium functions as a powerful antioxidant that also goes a long way in assisting with chronic disease prevention, proper thyroid function, and immune system function. Sufficient selenium can also help to decrease the odds of various types of cancer including breast, lung, and prostate cancer thanks to its positive effects on boosting the immune system defenses.

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