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Science Once Again Proves the Healthy Power of Almonds

Diabetes is a major disease affecting a countless amount of people around the world. This disease is caused when the body’s insulin is unable to break down blood sugar into energy, causing levels to skyrocket. Unfortunately, there is not yet a cure for diabetes, which only reinforces the importance of following a healthy diet and maintaining an active lifestyle.

One thing you should consider doing each morning is consuming a handful of almonds that have been soaked in water overnight. In countries like India, it’s a custom that’s been followed for decades, if not centuries. Per Ayurveda, soaked almonds are packed with a number of nutrients that are beneficial to the body. Protein, manganese, vitamin E, all of these work towards ensuring the heart remain in good shape, boosting bone strength, and, keeping blood pressure regulated. If you find yourself with a hunger craving, almonds are effective in reducing those cravings between your next meal.

A study conducted in Delhi showed that almonds were able to decrease the risk factors associated with type 2 diabetes including cholesterol levels, waist circumference, and more. This study reinforces its benefits as a healthy mid-meal snack and yet another reason why they’re among the ingredients in our Hop Step Jump Energy Bars.

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